General introduction

Ecobay is and integrated green master plan, a balanced development between economical, social and environmental elements. Ecobay is situated near downtown Tallinn but at the same time it is close to nature.

The city of the future is a city that caters for all aspects of life. People will be able to live close to the centre of the city, close to work and shopping facilities, yet still be in direct contact with nature and close to friends and family. Ecobay is designed as a compact city and a local attraction where people from other surrounding residential areas will also come to enjoy the available facilities like water sports, golf or just a Sunday trip to the spa or farmer’s market.

We want to create a versatile and safe society that is able to offer its habitants plenty of opportunities and services in order to lead a healthy lifestyle. Ecobay will be a modern society where energy and other resources will be used economically and the nature surroundings highly appreciated. Each domestic, business and social building will have its own economical purpose.

The intention is to create a compact city, leaving space for the nature to integrate with the urban fabric, a city set in an undulating landscape with lakes forest parks and fields. The fauna and wildlife of the Paljassaare nature reserve will permeate the city and allow it to become a part of the peninsula’s natural habitat rather than a barrier to it.

Ecobay will be designed in a way that allows the citizens to be close to nature and wildlife. The city will enhance the well being of the inhabitants by providing close contact to green spaces, the Baltic Sea and lakes. The landscape will be designed with an emphasis on the changing seasons giving possibilities for play and leisure all year round.