Area A

Area A has the most attractive natural setting of the three neighbourhoods and also the most sensitive location in terms of impact on the Natura 2000 nature reserve. The area is the most remote of the three areas and the private land plots will be strictly regulated to ensure a natural and open appearance of the area, to give the experience of living in the nature reserve area.

The coast protection zone in area A will be a low beach area fading out into the Natura 2000 nature reserve. The area will have a sand beach approximately 50 m wide behind which there will be a low concrete protection wall, separating the beach from the grass and heather dunes beyond.



The buildings in area A will be built with simple materials that respond well to the natural setting close to Natura 2000 and the sea. Natural exposed surfaces that acquire a natural look and age well to gradually become one with the context in which it is located. Wall surfaces will predominantly be kept in timber cladding with various surface treatments (oil, tar, paint etc.) in natural or grey scale colours. A small portion of the façade can be exposed concrete.